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Rinky Gems Co Ltd specialises in natural diamonds, offering a wide range of sizes and shapes.  The company prides in ensuring clients to have a fruitful buying experience through our distinguished services; especially consistency in assortment, bagging, fluting and committed relationship.   Our customer base is built upon quality relationships that will continue to grow by serving and working towards the desired goal.  Trust along with a strong relationship between us and our clientele, is a result of years of committed service. 

Rinky Gems Co Ltd is headquartered in Hong Kong, in addition to its offices in Mumbai ( India ), Shenzhen ( China ), Kofu ( Japan) and NYC & LA ( United States ). The company participates in shows all over the world year around. 



Our values are our compass for our actions.  While we aspire that our high end product offerings will touch the heart of millions, we are grounded by the belief that there is no moving ahead without giving back. 

Trust & Transparency

We are committed to realise a win-win situation by serving our customers with sincerity and honesty. 

Ethical Sourcing

Rinky Gems Co Ltd only carries the finest natural diamonds.  We assure you that all of our diamonds sold to any company are natural, earth-mined and conflict-free.  Along with the global diamond industry, Rinky Gems Co Ltd., has a zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. 

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